March 20, 2015


Wishing you a happy first day of Spring, and with it the promise of riding on the road. That is, of course, as opposed to riding on an indoor stationary setup. Outside. In the sun. Warm breeze. ... Remember?

This morning's picture, of the sunny southern exposure of the greenhouse ....

Ice visible on the driveway, it's .... melting?

Showing... promise, is that what it is called? The ice on the driveway has appeared from under the snow and as for the snow, it has melted down to, perhaps, only 18 inches. Spring ... maybe?

Can road cycling be far behind?

Oops, this afternoon's photos, with a fresh inch of snow and another one or two promised.

Greenhouse roof again covered in snow.

And the picnic table was hoping to escape the snow, but is now newly covered with a tracing of winter.

How far away is road cycling? In less than a month, the world around me will look different. That I am sure of.