September 28, 2014

Paris - Nice, Maps

At least a few readers have as much fun with maps as I do, so here are the maps I traced on Ride with GPS for my Paris-Nice ride. They are always a pretty good approximation of the routes I actually used. Sometimes they are exact, sometimes not. From time to time I intentionally altered my route on the day of the ride. From time to time I made unintended alterations.

In 2013, my Atlantic to Mediterranean ride also used Ride with GPS. Then I found they often overstated the actual mileage and climb. This year, after changing their software, the numbers were acceptably accurate, with mileage usually slightly understated. I am confident of the mileage that my bike computer records, though not of the climb.

If anyone has a favorite, or disliked, mapping program it would be fun and informative to learn what other riders use.

Fontainebleau to Joigny

Joigny to Vézelay

Vézelay to Autun

Autun to Cluny

Cluny to Bagnols

Bagnols to Vienne

Vienne to Crest

Crest to Nyons

Nyons to Malaucene

Malaucene to Sault

Sault to Tallard

Tallard to Barcelonnette

Cime de la Bonnette

Barcelonnette to Entrevaux

Entrevaux to Nice

Nice to Menton