January 1, 2011

May 31| Aigues-Mortes

Fortified town wall
It was a late afternoon when we arrived in Aigues-Mortes so by the time we cleaned up, we didn’t have a chance to walk around the top of the town wall. I am sorry for that, because I have heard the views are spectacular. But the town was pretty enough and I ate a good seafood dinner on the place. The area is famous for its oysters, mussels and scallops. 

Salt processing
The flats near the sea are used to produce Mediterranean sea salt, and we saw small mountains of it outside the fortified wall at Aigues-Mortes.

In Aigues Mortes we stayed at Hotel Restaurant d’. I don’t know d’what, because the sign was damaged. But it was just outside the main gate, had a bar on the first floor, was simple, clean, well located and inexpensive. Perfect.  

44 miles. Route: D570 / D85A / D38 / D85 / D58

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