January 1, 2011

Routes, Mileages

The route numbers I’ve listed are generally pretty accurate. But sometimes we followed road signs into cities, never knowing quite which route number we were on. French road signs from town to town are very helpful and easy to follow and we often used them, not worrying too much what the relation to the map was. As we left Avignon, a French cyclist we spoke with told us that French route numbers are changing and that the number on the road sign does not necessarily match the number on the map. An intimidating concept, but not one that we encountered. I did see it on my trip to the Cévennes in 2010.

Grape and poppy fields
Mileages are from my cycle computer.

The entire route was essentially very flat, so I am not going to go to Map My Ride to find ascents/descents. But you could, if you’re concerned. There was some climbing in the Luberon and some to go up to Les Baux. That was about it. None was particularly noteworthy.

We found the prices in our guidebooks always quite low. The books were only a year out of date, but they gave prices in dollars, an unreliable business with the fluctuating exchange rate.


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