September 21, 2013

Back to Bordeaux

Montpellier,  Place du Theatre, on my way to the train station

Again today, two major French cities: Montpellier and Bordeaux. Plus, the train on which I travel passed through a third, Toulouse, my favorite. I think of friends I have known there and hope all is well in their worlds. I write this on the train, where Papillon is locked in the bike area near my seat.

This system on local trains works well. Wish the TGV would adopt it.

First, a few photos taken this morning in Montpellier on my way to the train station. For the second time, I have again done Montpellier a disservice by arriving late, needing to leave to leave early. I would like to learn something about this beautiful, very old city. Next time?

The same Place du Theatre from closer to the Tourist Bureau

Close to, or the north end of the same Place. Sad to admit, I saw very little of Montpellier. For the second time.

And a few images taken through train windows. The train stopped in Sète, a town Roy and I stayed nearly 4 years ago. On the train ride today, close to that port, I had my only glimpses of the Mediterranean. This image, though, is of a large étang we passed, on the inland side of the tracks. I believe that translates as pond, in this case saltwater. Oysters are raised here.

A salt water étang just inland from the sea.

Based on the two long trains that I saw travelling in the other direction, trains move cars and motorcycles from place to place here. These are not new vehicles, most of the motorcycles were loaded.

So there will be only the most minimal riding today. From hotel to train station in the morning, in Montpellier, a Mediterranean port city (well, once upon a time a major port.) From train station to hotel in the afternoon, in Bordeaux, an Atlantic port city. When there I will repack Papillon in the travel bag.

This trip has been about cycling mostly, of course, but also about history, and prehistory, and a new concept to me, protohistory. Regular readers know that I am not happy to stop traveling by bike, and it is again true, I am not happy to stop. But it is time. It has been a fabulous trip, a great adventure, and it offered me a chance to meet people I have only known in the blogosphere. What could be better? Tomorrow I fly home, and will be happy to see my husband, family, friends and colleagues.

So, this will be the last post from the road, but glancing at my pictures an idea has gelled. I noticed images which made me smile, images that I have not previously included. From time to time, perhaps weekly, I will make short posts about events, places, phenomena, images from this trip.



  1. Can't wait to see you. Hope you have a safe and easy trip home. Loved sharing your trip. Thanks for the memories. God speed.

    1. Thanks again Marguerite! My plane leaves Bordeaux in several hours for the connecting flight in Paris. See you in a few days.


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