April 24, 2015

Montpellier, by foot

Yesterday I spent the entire day on foot exploring Montpellier, the city where I am staying. To me it is comfortable, beautiful, human-scale...a place where it is easy to breathe, to observe, think, walk, stroll, and enjoy.

By French standards, it is a young city. Never Roman, it was settled in the end of the 10th century; by the 12th century, it was a busy Mediterranean commercial center, when it had a reputatuon as intellectual, tolerant, metropolitan and cosmopolitan. In the early 13th century, the universities of law and mediine were founded...the first school of medicine in the western world. In the mid 14th century in came under the rule of the King of France.

It is also young in demographic. The 7th (maybe 8th) largest city in France, the 3rd largest on the Mediterranean, 30% of its residents are students, and judging by the number of toy stores and children, there are many young families here. It seems to boast a busy, lively, cosmopolitan, cultural life.

Today virtually the entire centre ville, the oldest part of the city, is a pedestrian zone. Not just a shopping avenue, not just a few square blocks, but the whole area, the size of a small city in itself.

Today I rode to Ambrussom, something less than 25 miles away, a Roman city now in  ruins. Tomorrow...I have not yet a plan. But tonight I want to post these photos.



  1. Almost makes me want to move back there. Glad you're having a nice time in my old hometown.

    1. Maybe you will ... and I understand what you said about noise levels at night!

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed! Built in the 17th century, inspired by Pont du Gard. I think it brought water from about 15 k distant.

  3. Le minou à travers les barreaux: tellement mignon...

    1. Merci Georges ... Et grace à vous, j'ai appris deux nouveaux mots dans votre petite phrase!


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