September 20, 2015

Nature Reclaims Culture

September has been glorious for cycling here in the Berkshires, and today's ride was just about as perfect as it gets. Towards the end, we used River Road, a candidate for some kind of prize in my intermittent nature reclaims culture series.

I suppose the sign at the start of this section of today's route provides guidance of a sort to rigs far larger than ours, in deciding whether to turn off the busy highway and down the road, or go the long way around. Knowing the road well, the sign made me laugh.

Though I suspect, no matter how many wheels under the truck's load, a "road closed" sign would provide more valuable guidance.


  1. From the look of the road, a road closed sign would be useful. I am glad that you have been getting good cycling weather.

  2. It made me laugh right out loud!


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