June 7, 2011

Berkshire Cycling: Great Barrington - Sheffield Loop 1

23 miles   Paved Road
Towns: Great Barrington, Sheffield, New Marlboro
Parking: Great Barrington abandoned fairgrounds

South County is flat
This loop makes a very pleasant cycling and I ride it frequently after work to stretch my legs and get on the bike. It provides pretty views of the fields and hills of south county, with very short sections through forested areas. Like most riding in this part of the county it is flat and the quiet rural roads don’t have much traffic on them. Part of the ride follows the Connecticut border. The first time I rode it I missed the turn at Old Turnpike Road and continued straight. Only noticed the state change when all the cars in driveways had CT plates.

Cows crossing at Balsalm Hill Farm
More than one reader has told me my photos are too much scenery and not enough people. I’ll work on the people part someday, but today I’ll pay attention to other habitants of the county. The corn in the fields is mostly for the cows. 

The calves were less than a week old

The cows are mostly for milk. We're lucky to have these farms, obviously they provide food, but they also protect the open space and rural economy. Maple Shade Farm is a member of the Organic Valley Cooperative dairy system.

Wild turkeys glean the field
Roads: South on Rt. 7 from GB; left on  Brookside. Right onto Boardman. Jog left onto County, then immediate right onto Hewins. Bear left onto Shunpike, then right onto Canaan/Southfield Road. Right onto Clayton Rd. (where Old Turnpike Rd. enters from the south.) Right onto Polikoff, right onto Hewins. Back to Boardman and GB.

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