July 7, 2011

Pedal Dancer

Since you're looking at this blog, I'm guessing you either:
  • like cycling
  • like France
or are one of the other two people who read this blog.

So, you really should (except you two) go to:

Her site is amazing, super, fabulous, full of info on the TDF (and yes, other races) cycling in Colorado (and other places,) cycling in France, travelling in France, eating in France ...

Generally, you probably get the connection.

So check it out! Right now, while the TDF is still racing.

As for my cycling, I'm not posting much since it is almost all training rides, getting ready to go .... back to France? But there should be some good rides in fun parts of the Berkshires before that trip. The next trip is just now in the planning stages, but I am aiming for September.

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