August 2, 2011

Berkshire Cycling: Washington - Blandford Loop

35 miles    Paved Roads
Parking: Washington town park    
Towns: Washington, Becket, Otis, Blandford, Chester
For Larry, the blob is a great blue heron
This ride offered just what I was looking for: short, steep hills and long, gradual hills. The hill that I didn't just mention is the one that I am afraid of: long, steep hills, such as you may have seen recently during the Tour de France in the Pyrenees. And in 20 days or so I am headed to the Pyrenees. I will begin in Bayonne on the Atlantic and finish on the Mediterranean in Narbonne, visiting the Pyrenees and some of those gorgeous, high, steep, long, cols along the way.

For Abby: Nature reclaims culture
The ride up Bonnie Rigg Hill is short. And steep. After that the riding generally rolls downhill on rural roads with very few cars. It's a nice, long downhill to Blandford and a fairly flat ride back north to Chester., though sometimes on a lousy road surface. The last run downhill to Rt. 20 is steep and fast, ending with a stop sign on busy Rt. 20.

And then there is Wade Inn Road. I hate this road, but it does offer a long, steady climb, a good thing. Unfortunately, the surface is miserable. Lousy surface, up, up, up, and I never found my rhythm. I never found anyone's rhythm. If the surface was better this would be a super route.

The return north on Rt. 8 was quick and familiar.

Roads: Rt. 8 south straight across Rt. 20 onto Bonnie Rigg Hill, right onto Algerie Rd., left onto Blandford Rd., left onto Gore Rd., left onto Rt. 20, right onto Wade Inn Rd., right onto Rt. 8. Click here for a link to the ride on Map My Ride, with cue sheet, distances and map

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  1. Bon Voyage! But isn't starting in Bayonne gonna get you wet?

    Oh, you mean Bayonne France, not Bayonne, New Jersey.

    Never mind. ;)


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