October 30, 2011

Failed strategy 2

My last post wondered about finding a good strategy for weather control, with the aim of continuing cycling. Cycling outside, on the roads.

Friday's snow didn't melt, there has been no outdoor riding for the past week.

As usual, hope proved a poor strategy indeed ... here are two photos of this morning's view.

I include the picnic table because it offers an easy way to see how deep the snow is. The picnic table, by the way, is under the rectangular pile of snow on the top of the table. Note where the benches are, and how close the top of the table is to snow level. This is what January, February usually look like here.

October 30th, still riding season? Or time, already, to plan next year's season, training, trips? 

Even my cat doesn't want to go out, always a sign of winter weather.

Later in the day, I went out, 18-inch ruler in hand to take a photo to illustrate just how much snow there is here. Must have really thought my readers, especially the few in France, would be amused, to make it worth slogging through snow above my knees. The ruler wasn't long enough, so I added a twig to help show how far below the snow the 18-inch mark is. It is close to 20 inches of snow, I suppose. That's with no drifting.

Thirty-seven days ago I was on the Mediterranean with my bike.

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