December 31, 2011

Bikes & Birds

New Year's Eve and I'm back last night from visiting my friends Larry and Shari at their brand new place in the midst of some of the finest birding .... no, in the midst of the very finest birding areas on the mid-Atlantic US coast.

It was a fabulous visit, with equally fabulous bird sightings. The roads in these protected areas, when the biting bug life is low, could make a happy combination of cycling and birding. For a listing of what we found, visit Birds&Words. Since I have a habit of posting unrecognizable bird photos on this site, here is the treat of a recognizable one. Get a load of that tail!

What is this, you're thinking...this is a cycling blog, not a birding blog. Yup, it still is and there was a picture of Shari's very fun, perfect for her, beautiful, new, girly-girl bike here. But it was inadvertently deleted. No photo until I get another. Booh! I took it for a few pedals and it will happily take her anywhere she wants, especially anywhere she can find birds. Personally, I wouldn't, probably and most likely, take it on pelagic trips. It is a fun bike, and I'm sure she'll find a name for it soon.

My last ride was December 3rd, and I admit it, with no bicycle-inspired guilt: I spent the entire rest of the month indulging in laziness and sloth. Or maybe it could more kindly be called rest and renewal. In any case, it involved no cycling, just cycle dreaming, reading and planning. Cycling itself starts up again with my training plan tomorrow, January 1st. Indoors, probably ...hmmm, it might be warm enough for an outdoor spin. That would be a hoot in January in this part of New England.

So, cycle plan made, the poll is now closed. Here are the answers. My question was: Do miles ridden on an indoor trainer count in an annual total of mileage ridden. I asked that question because it matters when setting annual goals. The response was: 60% said yes, they count. 20% no way, they don't count and 20% get over it, it's just a number. One reader rightfully pointed out that I should keep track of both, and have two data bases. I will.

Happy New Year's everyone, thanks for your comments and support! It has been a wonderful year for cycling in my world and I hope in yours if that is something you do, and wish everyone the very best of whatever you love to do in 2012.


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