November 13, 2012

Coffeeneuring Ride 7, Cup 7

There was more than one thing delicious about today's ride, my final in the 2012 coffeeneuring challenge.

The first delicious thing was that I ducked away from my computer (it is a tyrant) slipped out of work under warm blue skies, pulled my bike out of the car, hopped on, and rode into town to run an errand or two and get a cup of coffee.

It was liberating, if insecure, to be on my bike midday on a Monday. Insecure because I was in street shoes and felt untethered without my clips. Liberating because ... well, need I say more?

The second delicious thing was the espresso. Next was the chocolate macaroon.

Slightly over 3 miles, this little trip to Rubi's Coffee and Sandwiches. Put the emphasis on coffee.

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