December 31, 2012

2012 in Photos

Here it is, already, New Year's Eve, and looking back at last year it seems more fun, and informative to post pictures. Anyway, my spreadsheet with statistics crashed and is no more. Next year I will back it up more rigorously. So, some photos, I tried to pick some I haven't previously published.

January: the first month of the first year during which I rode outside every month. The year's first ride was on an unseasonably warm New Year's Day. It didn't stay that warm.

January 1, 2012. Record-setting warmth.

The warm weather didn't last, though winter never really arrived.

February: Some cold rides.

Main roads stayed ice free.

March. Two group rides: my first ever, when visiting my sister in Washington DC. Hosted by the Swedish Embassy, this was the Washington Area Bicycle Association's VASA ride. It was followed by a first brevet, a short one of 100k on St. Patrick's Day, from Westfield. Both were fun, and I count both as successes, finishing in the time allotted, meeting new people and enjoying the pedalling.

Washington, DC. VASA ride

Swedish Embassy, the start and finish of the route

The start of the Westfield MA 100k St. Patrick's Day brevet.

April brought great local outdoor riding, a mix of pleasure discovering new roads and training for the May Cyclosportive.

Stockbridge Bowl from Lenox

Typical old Berkshire Barn ... 

May: the first-ever "Classic" Berkshire Cyclosportif. I fear the second will not happen. Race, who me? I was thrilled to finish in time, a half hour faster than I hoped for. Guess that's what adrenaline does for you. And first in my class. Of course, I was also last in my class, the lead and the sweep. The only in my class. Seems not so many women entered, less than 20% of participants were women, and they were all ... young. Umm, younger
They said it wasn't a race, but we had chips, and this start, and a podium at the end.....

Tyringham Valley, along the route

Anne Marie Miller won her class, and went on to win the internationals in South Africa

June, July and August: cycling in our hills. A few of these rides were with friends, most were solo. But for the first time this summer I rode every Tuesday with a group that rides from Lenox. And every Thursday with a group from Berkshire Bike and Board in Great Barrington. These were my first "club" rides, and it was delightful to meet so many good cyclists, including a few very skilled, very generous riders who taught me a lot of technique. What I did mostly on these rides was try to keep up, and not always, always be last. Certainly there was no time for photos. But I did ride on the weekends also.

New cycling friends, taking photos . The calves were young, and adorable.

On the top of Greylock, our local mountain, which I rode frequently.

September! Faithful readers will remember that I spent it in France, solo in the Pyrenees and have only superlatives to report. Magnificent country! Unbelievably beautiful mountains! Incredible cycling-friendly culture! Wonderful beautiful little roads! Historic, beautiful villages! And again this year Toulouse, my favorite city anywhere! Generous, friendly people who I met on and off the bike, who put up with and understood my mediocre French and shared stories, meals and laughs!The trip started on the Atlantic at St. Jean de Luz and finished on Col de Tourmalet. There were many high cols in between, and much beautiful, incredible riding.

Route de Corniche, south of St. Jean de Luz

High country in the Pyrenees Atlantique

Incredibly steep valleys

Morning light from my chambres d'hote

Near Col de Borderes

Pas de Roland

Little roads through the mountains

Lac d'Estaing

Near Col d'Aubisque and Col de Soulor

Col du Tourmalet. I see so little graffiti in France, wish it wasn't here!

The view back towards the ascent to Tourmalet

My last day in Luz St. Sauveur the sky clear to show snow on the high peaks

October and November: A return to home, to work, to daily life ... mediated by Coffeeneuring! Inspired by randonneuring and organized by randonneurs, it was fun and kept me riding through some dreary grey weather.
The last of seven coffeeneuring rides: slipped out of work on a sunny day

December. A few chilly local rides to finish off the year.

Chilly December rides
It has been a wonderful year of riding, with more miles, close to 4,000, more rides, more climbs and more beautiful places visited than ever before. Whether on the bike and on the roads, or in email and blogging reality, it has been beyond wonderful to meet so many new people and to share some cycling adventures with you! My best wishes to each of you for a healthy, happy, safe and rewarding New Year! Et aussi, bonne fin d'année et meilleurs voeux pour 2013! And major thanks to everyone for reading!


  1. Great photos, Suze. I've enjoyed following your adventures again in 2012. Looking forward to seeing what you have brewed up for this year!

    1. Thanks Gerry!Nothing brewed up yet, at least nothing cycle touring! But hopefully whatever it becomes will take me back to Le Sud!

  2. Fabulous photos. You seem to spend a lot of time cycling in the snow! Wishing you a great year of exciting but safe cycling in 2013.

    1. Thanks Steph! No cycling today, though the skies are blue, the roads are snowy and the wind ferocious. Best to you and your family in 2013!

  3. Grap wrap up, Suze. I must be a somewhat loyal reader as I remember almost all of these pics! Looking forward to your 2013 collection.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks! Yes, I wanted to find more new photos, but in the end almost all the new ones are in France, and I fear not so many.

      BTW, I'm surprised you didn't mention how noticeably better the image quality is in those:-)

    2. Actually, what I'm struck by is how much my brand new pictures have begun to resemble the exceptional quality that yours have had for some time! :)

  4. Suzy, Happy New Year! I know I'm late to the party, but I just wanted to echo what everyone else said -- magnificent photos! I'm envious of a lot of your experiences. My favorite was the Pyrenees valley pic. Gorgeous. I cannot wait to see that in person.

    I still plan to someday ride up Greylock. Hopefully I'll have some company.

    Looking forward to more adventures in 2013 when you brew them up.

  5. Hey Aaron,Glad to hear from you. You will have so much fun (and work) in the Alps, I haven't a doubt! If you have time when you're there, I bet you would also enjoy the Pyrenees. I haven't yet gotten to the Alps, but from what I've heard it is very different ... both the mountains and the culture.

    And for sure do come ride Greylock sometime, I'd love to ride it with you. And there is the advantage of being much closer!

    Funny, or somesuch, I couldn't get a comment to register on your site last time I tried.

    1. I think I'm going to need to come to Greylock just to talk to you since our websites seem to hate each other. :)

      No worries. If it doesn't work, feel free to send an email.

      Not sure about the rest of the team, but if the Alps go well, I might yearn for the Pyrenees next year. We have lots of time to think about it.


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