September 18, 2013

Blogosphere Friends in Nimes

Le Ruisseau de Rose, my chmbres d'hote in St. Jean du Gard

Lingering over breakfast at my chambres d'hote, chatting with the others at the table, learning a bit about their world, I got quite a late start yesterday, on a day when there was actually a specific time to be at a specific place, and I did not want to be late! I was looking forward to finally meeting Gerry Patterson, who writes Vicious Cycle, his wife Shoko, and Mr. and Mrs. Tootlepedal, of Tootlepedal's Blog, in Nimes, late in the afternoon.

An old road marker I noticed in the Cevennes, for the road to Nimes

In St. Jean du Gard, the sky and dampness in the air promised rain, it was windy, and my cycling speed is never at its fastest in the rain, much less with a wind. Plus, there is always the possibility of getting lost in cities, and I had no enthusiasm for losing time by being lost. The day called for a good average speed, so once again, my plan was to keep my feet off the ground as much as possible.

The Gardon near Anduze

Doubts turned out unnecessary. Upon leaving Anduze, the topography changed immediately: it was flat. So did the sky: it was blue. And, as for the wind, it was at my back! 

Vineyards, again

I was moving along nicely, my only doubt remaining was the possibility of getting lost in Nimes. When cyclists in France approach each other, they often say bonjour ... and so as a cyclist approached, I said "Bonjour," as I always do, then screamed "Gerry!" and hit the brakes. He had ridden north on the route I was riding south, keeping an eye out for me, and he recognized me first. So, we met up, and he led me into the city ...How much fun was that ... and how extraordinarily nice!

Woohoo, as my sister might say. Gerry road north to meet me, what a super surprise! 

Later, I met Gerry, Shoko, and Mr. and Mrs. Tootlepedal for dinner. It was such fun meeting friends whom I have only known through the internet!

Me, Mr. Tootlepedal, Mrs. Tootlepedal, Gerry

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  1. Loved the photo of you and your 3 new friends. As always living through your posts. May the sun shine upon you and the wind be always at your back. Have fun. Stay safe. See you soon.

    1. Thank you! I will happily put you in charge of the sun and the wind, and as you know, of pretty much anything else. Yes, see you in a week. Hope all goes well there.

  2. It was a delightful meal.

    1. I am so very fortunate to have met the four of you and shared tht dinner!


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