October 4, 2013

Public Service Announcement

A friend, another cyclist, is thick in the midst of organizing a fundraiser scheduled for October 12, to benefit the re-enlivening of the long empty, overgrown, Great Barrington Fairgrounds.It is called the Shire Mudder Fundraiser. So, what in the world, I thought, could that be? Turns out that the definition of a mudder is a horse that performs well on a dirt track, therefore, a Shire Mudder is an athlete who performs well on a dirt track at the GB Fairgrounds in Berkshire County.

OK, this is a cycling site. A part of the day's activities will be ... cycling events, including two road rides, one of 25 miles and the other 50 miles. The 50 mile route looks like a lot of fun to me.

For more biking fun, there will also be an obstacle course on the racetrack itself.

Registration for the rides on Sat Oct 12 start at 9:00 am at the GB Fairgrounds and the road rides will start promptly at 9:30 am. Once riders return to the Fairgrounds, there will be snacks, food vendors and other fitness events happening all day.

You can find more information about the day here Great Barrington Fairgrounds or on their facebook page, at www.facebook.com/GreatBarringtonFairgrounds.


  1. That will be GREAT! Let's get every biker in the tri-state area and make it a bike-gathering to remember.

  2. Hi kid,

    Thanks for reading and commenting, it is super to know someone saw this. I agree, and hope it is a fabulously successful event .... It is so good to see the Fairgrounds coming back to life! And especially good to have cycling be a part of it.


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