November 17, 2013

Coffeeneuring Ride 6

The stage: another reprieve from winter, and a beautiful one. The sky was blue, temperatures in the mid-50s, no wind. And the next-to-last possible day for a coffeeneuring ride.

The timing: with chores taken care of, it was after 2:00 before I got on the bike. There is only one coffee shop with an espresso machine in a 12-mile radius of home, so that's where I rode.

The ride: about 11.5 miles northwest, on a state road. This road always feels busy, though I have no idea why: there really aren't all that many of us who live around here, so we must drive all the time.

The coffee: I ordered an espresso, had been looking forward to it. Immediately, I knew things had gone wrong when the person behind the counter cut the top off a small foil packet. I asked if they made instant espresso. No, we use pods. Pods, I thought, I shell peas from them in the springtime. But not that ... pods, that is a group of whales. But in this case she took a small paper disc out of the little packet and plunked it down where fragrant, finely ground, fresh, esprsso coffee should go.

I took it out to drink on the step, in the sun, next to my bike. Let me just say it was terrible. Horrible. Undrinkable. So, I took a photo: my bike, next to plastic imitations of greens and pumpkins. With imitation espresso. Then I poured out the remainder.

The ride home was fine.


  1. It worked this time. Maybe it was my machine.

    1. Glad it worked this time ... but that wasn't what you wanted to say!

  2. It's the inevitable march of progress. You can now buy nifty machines that will make mediocre coffee in the privacy of your own home. I am glad that it was a sunny day at least.

    1. It is certainly the inevitable march, but ... progress? Indeed we can buy those mediocre coffee machines here, too. Bet if I put a "pod" into one at home I might be able to make equally horrid coffee right here in my own kitchen.


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