March 7, 2014


Here's a really quick PSA about a conference I recently discovered on the web. It is aimed at cyclists and healthcare providers interested in cycling and physiology, nutrition, injuries, more. The University of California calls it "The Medicine of Cycling" and describes it as a mini medical school for the public. UCA television has put the series of videos on the internet. They are from this year's conference, and are aimed at making better "medicine" available for the public interested in cycling. In quotes because medicine is not the word I would have chosen to describe the series. Having watched two of them, there is the normal amount of fill, but also more substance than I usually find.

The list of videos from the conference is at

If you have other resources to share, I'd love to learn of them in the comments ... or just to hear what you think about these.


  1. Thanks for finding and sharing these Suze, the topics sounds really interesting. I look forward to watching all of them.

    1. Glad to know you're here ... hope all's well in your world!

    2. I am well, thank you. I was going to go to France this summer, but I got distracted by thoughts of being at the start of the Giro in Northern Ireland - so I booked a flight! I will be following along on your journey this summer.

      These video pieces are very good, I learned from the one on concussions, thanks again.

  2. Thanks, Suze. I just finished one on bike fit last night. A good way to spend an hour of Active Recovery!


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