March 23, 2014

Spring Cycling

Here in western New England, there's been no outdoor riding for me. Last weekend, I had hoped to ride the St. Patrick's Day 100K. I'm sure some people did ride it. It was cold. The high for the day was 23F, or if you prefer, -5C. It was windy, pretty constantly windy, gusting to 30mph. You can all guess: I stayed indoors, sticking with my training program. Which, by the way, I am totally enjoying, fortunate to be able to do, and sure it will (some day) pay off on the road.

Ride on that surface?

Next week there is a 200K not to far from my town. I've never ridden 200K, wanted to ride it after the 100K I missed. The high forecast this week day by day is 21, 30, 30, 37. Maybe that's a warming trend. Snow on  two of those days. We'll see, and I'm certain the weather will determine how courageous I am. But I wonder whether my legs have 200K in them, for a first ride of the season.

Last year this time ambitious gardeners had already planted their peas. This year the birds are returning and finding sparse food, I have no idea what birds who don't visit feeders are eating. But the real reason for this post is to share the following photo with you. It came to me by email, and I can't find a credit, so cannot tell you who took it, but it wasn't me.

All I know is that it is Canadian, and makes me smile. Hope you smile too.


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