September 15, 2014

Arriving Nice!

As of today, Paris-Nice is accomplished! I arrived safely in Nice this afternoon, under grey skies and scanty rain showers. That was quite a bike ride, starting in northern France, finishing on the Mediterranean. In all, 17 days, including 3 recovery/exporing days; 48000 feet of climbing, with several dramatic, challenging climbs in the last part of the ride; and about 800 miles. Whooopeee!

Rain threatened this morning, with thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon, so instead of lingering, I left Entrevaux by 9:30.

The old town in Entrevaux is car free

There are virtually no photos for you today. The roads were heavily trafficked, the weather threatening, the scenery not so compelling, and I kept my eyes focused on the 4 feet in front of me and pedalled.

Never have I been so glad to see a bike path as this one, which led me from Pont Charles to Carros, then to St. Laurent du Var.

Not without confusion though. The path was frequently marked closed, but I continued anyway. An extremely nice cyclist in Carros helped me to find the way past the closed signs.

But amazingly enough, apparently I didn't get lost in the fast roads and urban confusion, and ended up where I aimed for. Nice! The Mediterranean!

Like my other trips that have ended on the Mediterranean, here are two photos of a place which inspires warm beaches everywhere, and very happily, will be my next trip

It ocurred to me a few days ago that this bicycle trip, Paris-Nice, is really an adventure in three movements:

1: Paris to the south. Days of about 60 miles, averaging 3500 feet of rolling climbing.

Interlude: Nyons and Vaison-la-Romaine, exploring history, enjoying recovery days.

Part 2: Climbing: Mont Ventoux, the Aps. The Alps really do continue just about to the Mediterranean, so, finishing in Nice.

Part 3: Coastal riding, city exploring. Nice, Menton, Grasse, yet to be determined.

So I hope you will stay with me. In the next several days I hope to explore the coastline in both directions, and to have a chance to visit some of Nice's famous museums. Unfortunately I also need to attempt to sort out travel arrangements, what with the Air France strike.

Stupidly, my camera is still on the blink, and I ditch multiple images for each one I publish. Now, I admit to liking my touring bike shoes, and I have unintentionally taken many photos of the front of them, but this is so odd I thought I'd close with it, goodness knows how or when I captured it!



  1. Congrats Suze. What can I say, you did a great job and you're an inspiration to so many.

    1. Thanks Coach! I'm lucky to have had the chance and be able to do this ride!

  2. Well done, Suze, and congratulations on surviving the traffic into Nice!

    1. Thanks Gerry, it was a wonderful trip. And, thanks again for your help with route suggestions, all were great!

  3. Great shoe shot, truly unique I would imagine. Congratulations on achieving your goal. I hope that your coastal tour will be just as enjoyable.

    1. So far, all signs indicate that I will do nothing in Nice that requires much of any energy. Ride along the promenade and look at the sea. Sit, and look at the sea. Put my feet in the water and look .....

  4. Congratulations! The photos have been great, especially considering the no-viewfinder mode. You deserve the next few days to take it easy. Maybe the manufacturer of those shoes will sponsor your next trip?

    1. Now there's an idea I like a lot. And they are classic Italian cycling shoes, so I guess they will need to sponsor me to Italy. I love it! And now, I appoint you my agent!


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