September 17, 2014

Les Corniches, and the ride to Menton

Yesterday, did I write something about thinking the riding part of my trip was over? Who me?

This morning found me climbing up to the high route across the corniches, then descending to Menton, within a few kilometers of the Italian border. It was a decent climb up from the city. I stopped at an overlook to see Nice from above.

The road kept climbing, heading to Col d'Eze. It was a hazy morning, and the sky and sea actually did merge far in the distance, nearly obliterating any horizon line.

There are three other roads that cross the coast to Italy, all are bigger and busier, this one best for bikes. And it was a pretty route. My main goal was more to ride through the corniches, with their high views of the Mediterranean than to visit Menton, though it is a beautiful place. The col wasn't too much further after the lookout over the sea.

After several more kilometers Monaco was below

It was a fast descent off the corniche, and often exposed. Guess I was concentrating hard enough that I forgot to stop for photos. Or rlse they failed to take. In Menton, I wanted to turn right, and ride just one block to the coast, but my way was blocked by this

For those who can't read it, essentially it says Detour: filming. Funny, huh?

Menton was as pretty as its reputation. Lots of palm trees, pastel buildings, a uniform kind of architecture that is very pleasing.


The wind!

You can see that it was very windy. I never had an intention of reclimbing those hills, certainly not in that wind, so I took the train back. It was sometimes beautiful, right along the coast, and sometimes dark, making use of many tunnels.



  1. It is a pretty part of the country. Served as background for many films. One never has the time to visit with "the people", to see how the full-time citizens live. I'm always curious to know the stories behind the hedges. And then to walk/pedal through small streets, noises of radios, TV's, people behind the half-drawn shutters, there is that sense of an unknowable normality. Glad you were there, so that I could go off on a tangent... Be well. What's the transportation situation?

    1. You know I love your tangents! Not so much in Menton, but in Nice I have spent hours and hours walking in neighborhoods, where yes of course there are visitors and some tourists, but away from the places only for tourists. Guess I do that to try to absorb some sense of actual life, stories, daily reality in cities.

      Transportation. I have a train ticket tomorrow to Paris. My bike will be in a bag, so I think they will permit me to board. Mon sac ne sera pas normale ... mais normal ou non, ce sera un sac. My flight rom Paris to Boston on Sunday. I think it will be Saturday before I know anything. Oh well, as many have said, Paris is not the worst place to be stranded.

  2. Bon voyage! Je serai à Shelburne du 21 septembre au premier octobre. Je vous verrai plus tard. Une cousine vient en visite en octobre. Si cela se trouve, je pourrai vous en faire la connaissance.
    À bientôt


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