May 4, 2016


Things I have not seen before:

That is a very lot of solar cells, on the side of the building. My lens wasn't wide enough to capture them all.

Riders at home talk about climbing "the wall," a category of climb that seems to have no designated specific duration or grade. This riderless bike is doing just that.

Finally, while I do not know this species of duck, they were enjoying each other's company far more than this still shot captures. The color differential between the two was greater than usually seen. Larry?


  1. A little inter-species enjoyment..You have a duck and a goose there. The duck is a domestic duck whose ancestry was a mallard. The goose is an Egyptian Goose, which I think are considered pests in some places in Europe.

    You sound like you're having fun. Stay well. Love

    1. Ahhh. Didn't occur to me, but now that you say it, obvious. The goose much bigger and gooselike, the only individual I've seen. The only other birds I have seen on the river are mallards that look like mallards.


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