June 7, 2017

C'est quoi? What?!!?

There is always something to look at here, frequently beautiful whether big or small, and always interesting.

The last several days have continued to follow the canal Nantes-Brest, which is considerably more fun than the Canal du Midi where I rode in 2009. That is because this is more open … more views out and around. Plus, the riding surface is much better, without huge sycamore roots providing constant bumps. The exception proves the rule.

There are all kinds of boats.

The route was sometimes marked Barré. Closed. Like most cyclists, I understand that to mean closed to something, but not to bicycles. Without worry, I continue on my designated route. Then I arrived at a bright yellow and black tape closing the canal path. I could see another, about 150 meters on. I could see no problem, no disruption. Should I disregard it and duck under? But, there were two gendarmes, and a police van with a blinking blue light, to the side of the canal path. Reason, or age, took over and I went to talk to them.

This is my best approximation in English of our conversation in French:

“Good afternoon gentlemen, I need to continue to Josselin, is there another route?

Yes turn right continue to just beyond the lake, turn left then again left, then right again.

There is no little road, just go through the field?


But why is the canal path closed? I don't see anything.

There is a grenade. It was just found today.

Yaooschkkk! Did you say a grenade? A grenade? How did it get here?

It is a grenade left from the Second World War.”

I have read about this, but never imagined to see it. They told me it isn't completely unusual. Unusual enough for this rider.




  1. Stay away from stray armaments... Have fun. Sounds like you are breathing better.

    1. Indeed, a good idea! This is a super trip and I am both getting more accustomed to the heavy bike and more relaxed. So breathing better.

  2. What excitement. We have never been halted by a grenade and feel quite envious.

    1. I don't know if you should feel envious, but I was relieved that reason and age prevailed and I didn't duck under the tape!


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