January 1, 2011

June 3| Béziers to Le Someil

The pace riding on the canal is much slower, something of an amble. I am not good at ambling, whether on foot or on cycle, but it that’s a matter of style, and Roy definitely enjoyed it. It is beautiful, though, and there was good shade, provided by the same huge old plane trees whose roots are often exposed, from erosion, when crossing the canal tow path, making for a bumpy ride. We didn’t make any side trips or stops to visit different towns or sites off the route; in order to keep a day for Toulouse we will lose the possibility of side trips. The riding would have been richer if we had had time. Again, another visit.

Sometimes there were no views except of the canal, but sometimes you could see out, to the west, where the landscape was getting a bit hilly. There were huge fields of blooming poppies, and vineyards.

Maison des Escaliers
In Le Someil we stayed at the Maison des Escaliers. It was totally, absolutely, perfect. Go there if you're nearby. The owners were delightful, the building and our room extraordinary. I was told it's a classic 18th century bourgeois home, and I think the lock-keeper once lived there. 

The town had two or three restaurants, we ate in one that was very good and featured only local and regional foods.

36 miles. Route: Canal du Midi

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