September 25, 2013

Atlantic to Mediterranean: Riding through History

2013: Back to France, again cycling solo, again riding from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. This trip began  in Bordeaux, followed the Dordogne River to the Vezere River, continued to Célé and the Lot River, crossed the Cevennes Mountains to the Tarn, then the Gard River and St. Jean du Gard, then rode south to Nimes and finally, Montpellier.

In some ways it was a trip about rivers, as history has often followed rivers. The trip was planned  to incorporate as much cultural history as possible, visiting sites dating from prehistory to the Gallo-Roman era, to the middle ages to artist studios from the mid-20th century. 

The bulleted items here are the individual posts in my trip. Click anywhere you are interested to start. The next button at the bottom of the post will take you to the following day's post.



  1. Voilà la boucle est bouclée, merci pour ce reportage complet et rapide. à bientôt de te voir en France avec papillon bien sûr !

    1. Merci Jean-Jacques.

      Oui, la boucle est bouclée, mais la cycliste n'étais pas prête à terminer.

      J'espère te revoir encore en la belle France.


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