June 26, 2012

Another kind of repeat

Back in the house now. Tired. Never did that before. Never thought I could do that. Low heartrate, low cadence, low 4% hill, high gear. Very hard pedalling. Very slow going. Ten repeats. That's all for tonight. More, next time.

My previous experience with hill repeats has been sustained very high heartrate, high cadence, easy gear. I do that regularly. This is different, training for strength. Another ah-hah! moment, thanks to my unofficial coach.

One of September's goals
The training is inspired by my desire to be a stronger hill climber. The post is inspired by a recent Iron Rider post, which anyone who cares about cycle training and blogging might enjoy.

Ah, public commitment. Hmm, maybe only partial public commitment, with this particular photo. Though perhaps most readers recognize it.

Can I go to sleep now?


  1. To sleep, perchance to dream?

    Strength work! Sounds like your in full training mode. Excellent. Now to figure out where that cool statue may be . . .

    P.S. Thanks for the mention.

    1. Aye, there's the rub ...

      But awake and uphill in the Pyrenees is the dream now ... and whether I'll get up that hill.

  2. Your goal for September is to be the Silver Surfer? ;-)>

    1. You're funny, Larry!!! Sounds just like me ... choosing a goal that involves being cold, wet, unable to see and tossed around out of control in salty sandy icy water!:-)

      By the way, why do people use the ; instead of the: in that symbol?

    2. :) is a smile. ;) is a smile with a wink.

  3. I like you're goal, as I'm sure you can guess! And who is this secret coach you have, anyway...? Have I missed something? Good luck with the strength work.

  4. Hi Gerry,

    Yup, I thought you might like this particular goal. Don't know why it has been so centrally in my head, but it has so that's where I'll go. There are a few other pretty good climbs between there and the Atlantic. Guess I got enough of a taste last September to want more.

    My "secret" or unofficial coach is the source of the quote in my masthead, and rides in one of the two group rides I'm now participating in. He is incredibly generous with teaching me cycling technique and making training suggestions. I am thrilled, love it, and extraordinarily lucky and grateful.

    You have a week to go, yes? I'd like to imagine live coverage of the Etapes, but that is probably too much even to imagine.

    1. I'm actually stressing a bit because I don't think I'll have time to blog about Act One before I head to the Pyrenees for Act Two! It'll be a busy week.

      We're both lucky to have these types of generous coaches. I hope Rob doesn't decide to start charging next year...

      Good luck with the training. You've got some nice, big cols to haul yourself over soon!

    2. Yes, we are both lucky, in many ways.

      I don't think you should (and how easy is that for me to say) stress over posting Etape 1 before 2. I am "sure" all your readers will be happy enough with the briefest of updates ... 20 words or less, let us know you survived ... and a promise of more after Etape 2! The cycling is the center, after all ... the blog can follow. Ouch, I'm already hearing all your dedicated readers complaining! All my fault, you know.....


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