June 23, 2012

Familiar landscape, fresh eyes

Summer 2012 has brought a different riding style, one with more intense riding, but very few photos...and so very little to post. Two weekly group rides are, hopefully, turning me into a stronger cyclist. Certainly there are very generous, very skilled riders in both who are teaching me some helpful  techniques. Rides with those groups are mostly in a very high heart rate  zone. Other rides are mostly strength and technique routines, good for cycling skills, bad for blogging.

But today and last Saturday there was a chance to share familiar, favorite rides with two riders from Maryland, who are visiting the Berkshires. Bob, who is taking the timber framing course at Heartwood Owner Builder School, brought his bike along and wanted to explore the area. We were joined today by Ellen, a friend of his from home. Both are strong cyclists, and though their part of the mid-Atlantic is probably pretty flat, both are good climbers. It was great to have the chance to show off the Berkshires a little, and very fun to vicariously see this familiar landscape with fresh eyes.

We rode a route previously described here: Around Beartown State Forest, altering it only a bit. Instead of turning onto dirt-surfaced Hupi Road, we stayed on Rt. 23 through Monterey. Blue Hill Road remains one of the most fun downhill runs I know in the area. Happily, the grade and length of the climbs seemed a bit less challenging than last year.

Last weekend we rode down to Blandford, and back up through Chester and Becket, described here: Washington/Blandford Loop.

The area really is picturesque, with its green rolling hills, farmland and New England towns. Both rides offered chances for photos.

Summer is here: there were lots of other riders, of various styles and abilities, which was good to see. I've also noticed many more people riding in town, probably commuting to work. Perhaps cycling is on an upswing.


  1. Great to hear your having some nice rides. We're busy pedalling away whenever we can fit it in. Lovely to see black and white cows. We mainly get single coloured ones here, very boring!

  2. Good to hear from you and that you're riding. Funny, that "grass is greener on the other side of the fence ....ah, ocean" I always find your monotone cows lovely and elegant. Especially les blancs d'aveyron.


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