September 4, 2014

Bagnols to Vienne

Today, what can I tell you ... I was tired. Then I was lost in a little city. And I was hungry, or at least didn't have adequate fuel in me from yesterday and was bonky (though yesterday was indeed very fun.) Have I mentioned that the roads in this part of France are up, down, up, down, up again.Yes, I know I have. Sometimes long climbs, sometimes shorter.

This morning, my plan was to be moving by 9:00, hoping to arrive in St.-Roman-en-Gal (across the Rhone from Vienne, which is just south of Lyon) with time to visit the large Gallo-Roman museum there, where there was for several hundred years a major Roman city, at a crossroads of commerce. It is about 55 miles south of Bagnols,  with perhaps 3500 feet of climbing.

I anticipated no problems route finding. Ooops. I had no idea about the very small city of L'Arbresle, where I saw the most skilled drivers of large trucks imaginable. The roads were bigger than medieval sized, but still. Quite narrow urban streets. These trucks, big trucks, were rushing along with delivery vans, cars, all the auto traffic that makes modern society work, in bumper to bumper traffic with literally not more than 2 inches between their wheels and the small sidewalks. Yes, I was on the sidewalk. Their mirrors were over the sidewalk. Following the road sign to a town on my route, for several K I was riding on a busy highway in a semi-industrial zone, leaving town. Not finding my route, and garmin teling me I was in the wrong place, I eventually gave that up, went back, asked directions. Was directed out the same route. No, thank you.

Finally something after 11:00 and much going and coming, I found my route south, the D17. It was right next to the train station. About 70 hilly K left to ride, and a museum to visit. I knew it was time to make a choice: another challenging ride, with ever increasing traffic as I got closer to the busy Rhone corridor; what was sure to be difficult route finding in the major metropolitan area; tired, with little or no time for the Roman archeology site and museum ... or a train. I bought a ticket. 9€80 and about 1.5 hour, including transfer in Lyon, I was in Vienne. I really did want to see a Roman road, as well as these modern ones that the trucks crowded me off of.

I did get to the museum, and here are some photos for you:

The photos are all from that archaeological museum. As I have said before, sometimes I post photos for specific individuals. Here are two for friends who, if they are reading, should be able to identify them.

From Vienne, I rode to Crest, where I stayed in a table d'hote several kilometers south of the city. À demain



  1. A partridge and a bustard, I'm guessing.
    Enjoying your blog as usual, though each day I open it with trepidation--will Susan make it to the next stop in one piece?

  2. Glad you're here! That bustard has quite the bill! Hope the birding is good there.

    Don't be trepidatious ... if I can spell that.

  3. In a cowardly way, my route choices avoid towns wherever possible. It sometimes makes for dull days but being mown down by big lorries might be too exciting for me. My big sister would love the mosaics. I shall have to tell her about them.

    1. Absolutely agree, but didn't anticipate how busy the little marks on the Michelin maps would be. In my totally limited and very small experience, riding from the north to the south is totally different traffic-wise than riding just in the south. Dull can be good, ifthe alternative is big lorries!

  4. I do so love living through your eyes. Thank you for taking me on this journey. Have fun, and God speed.

  5. Thanks Marguerite. Thanks for reading, and also for commenting, it is great to hear from you! Itrust all is well there.


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