September 6, 2014

Vienne to Crest

Better fueled and rested, it was a good ride today from Vienne to Crest, though the road was somewhat busy. This was the bis road to Marseilles; I don't quite know what that word bis means, but my experience was that it is probably the alternate, older, free main road from the north to the south. Today the 65 miles rolled by; the climbs were gentle, and long ....adding up to about 3000 feet; I bought and ate, some truly delicious peaches along the way; and I arrived without exhaustion or incident.

Above is a photo of the first skyline I saw when I turned the corner into Crest. The others are details.

Tomorrow Nyons, a town I have wanted to visit since I first came to France.


  1. I am glad that the weather is holding up. The lack of exciting events must have been a relief.

    1. Yes, on both fronts. Uneventful can be very good.


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